The Jewellery Designer

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An ongoing fascination with mark making and texture is ever present in the art of Australian jewellery designer, GillyB. Mark making with different lines, patterns, and textures on metal to create added interest and dimension. A process that has been used by jewelers throughout the centuries. Mark making can be loose and gestural, or structured and controlled.

Using specialized tools, everyday objects, patinas and heat the love of mark making and texture are evident throughout GillyB’s work with polished surfaces a rarity.

“I often like to leave marks from the work process behind as authentic, handmade flourishes that represent the creative process.”

Nature is always an inspiration and recent adventures to Morocco working with traditional Berber jewelers has added another flavor to Gillian’s work.

Her bench is always scattered with bits and pieces with several projects on the go at once and the creative process is one of spontaneity rather than planned methodical process.

‘I rarely plan my pieces but prefer to be inspired by materials that are scattered over my bench and around the studio. Leaves, pods, old Moroccan keys and Tuareg and Berber jewelry. Working in this spontaneous way is exciting and also challenging. I simply love the creative process and making interesting pieces of jewelry. I’m very fond of texture and one piece of jewelry can go through several different processes before I’m satisfied with the result. A fondness for abstract art has followed me over to the jewelry world leaving my work open to interpretation so that my clients have the opportunity to find their own meaning in a piece they are drawn to. Often seeing something that I wasn’t aware of in the initial creative process.’

“Jewelry design for me is a never ending experiment.”

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